Building a Consulting Business in Your Niche

Building a consulting business from your niche is an easy way to make some operational money from Day 1. It may seem unconventional to suggest your first revenue stream would be a consulting business. With the right approach, it’s possible to make money consulting in your niche as your blog gains momentum.

Discovery and Promotion of Your Blog’s Unique Value Proposition 

One of the most critical elements of building a blog – and creating a consulting business around that blog – is to discover and promote your blog’s unique value proposition (UVP). 

The UVP is the knowledge you have that’s unique and powerful for growth within your niche. It’s the core of the value you can offer as a consultant. People pay for access to knowledge and experience that isn’t otherwise at their fingertips. 

Ultimately, people pay for the ease of being taught essential concepts. And techniques that will help their blogs and businesses grow instead of having to seek that out themselves. There’s plenty of value in time savings, as any professional worth their salt certainly knows.

The Value and Impact of Individual Attention

Even though your blog may be in the infancy phase when you launch your consulting business, this won’t be visible on the surface if you position things correctly. There’s value in your UVP. But also inherent value in the fact people want and need one-on-one attention to grow. This type of consulting can justifiably come at a premium. 

There’s a general perception that individual consultation is more valuable than group consultations, or seminars, for example. This perception is something to leverage!

Landing that first consulting client is a great way to cover some of the new operational costs for your blog. Without bogging it down with advertising before there’s an audience. There’s no need to put the cart before the horse.

We built and launched the Blog to Scale Training Academy to help blog owners learn the ins and outs of how to start a blogcontent strategycontent marketing strategy, and how to make money blogging at their own pace and with the resources at their disposal.

Give Away Value and Earn More Value in the Long-Run

As crazy as it may sound, it’s always a good idea to give away some value as a consultant as you’re building a relationship with a new client. Not to say your consulting business is a charity. The inverse is true. When you volunteer some of your knowledge – keeping the most impactful experience siloed for your paying clients – you quickly earn trust and respect from knowledge seekers.

We offer a free, 30-minute consultation to everyone interested in the Blog to Scale Training Academy. In that consultation, we evaluate where your blog is in its life cycle. We also look at what’s going well for you and what isn’t. And determine the right plan of attack to move things forward.

There aren’t any expectations tied to this consultation. It’s 100% free. No obligations. If you think we don’t know what we’re talking about, that’s fine. No worries. If you take away some value and want to move ahead into the Academy, even better!

Building a consulting business early in your blog’s life may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to gain some momentum and monetize your expertise. To learn more about how to take on this process with confidence, sign up for a free consultation through the Blog to Scale Training Academy and scale your blog with speed!

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